Report for Attack on Titan Vol. 1

Vedant Koli

Attack On Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin)

Author- Hajime Isayama

Genre- Action/dark fantasy/sci-fi

Plot-Attack on titan or shingeki no kyojin is a fantasy manga were humanity is threatened by huge humanoid creatures named titans. Humanity has been living in peace for hundreds of years until one day a huge titan named the colossal titan had appeared out of nowhere and broke wall maria one of the three walls guarding the remains of humanity. Titans have ruled for centuries but now that wall maria has fallen and humanity is in more danger than ever our main character Eren Yeager has sworn to kill all the titans to ever exist after witnessing his mother getting eaten by a titan. He plans on joining the scout regimen a squad of elite soldiers who fight for the survival of humanity and also studies the titans and their secrets he is also joined in his journey by his two friends Armin and Mikasa Who accompany him in the scout regimen and they have grown up with each other becoming close friends.

Main Characters- Eren Yeager/ Mikasa Ackerman/ Armin Arlert

Pros- The story is very well written and the art style is very different from many other mangas the art is very detailed and you can tell the plot of the story runs deeper more than you think

Cons- personly nothing but the manga is very gory when fighting titans and can be disturbing to many people

Rating– 5/5 stars its amazing and you will get hooked on after the first volume

Final verdict- it’s an amazing read if your willing to get past all the killing and you really start to understand the characters the more you read

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