“Unlearn” by Kanwar Singh (Humble the Poet)

To provide some context, the book consists of 101 chapters in which each chapter composes the author’s personal experience that teaches the readers a lesson. Furthermore, there is a page at the end of each chapter that has a quote that sums up and most importantly reminds the readers of the moral of the section. Also, Kanwar Singh even told his readers that he did this due to how he believes in the idea of repeating things to yourself until you learn them. Chapter 21 was my favorite since something very similar to Kanwar Singh’s story happened to me the same day as I read this chapter. He wrote about how often we may feel lonely in a room full of people and how that may get to us, but what Singh was aiming at is that one should not feel this way because one should simply be able to love themselves before they seek the love of others. My favorite statement in the chapter was, “[l]ove when you’re ready. Not when you’re lonely” (Singh 68). While reading this, I felt that it applied to me because I realized the importance of self-love and that I should prioritize myself rather than concerning myself about what others may think of me. 

This book will always be important to me because I will always use the tips that I learned from this book for the rest of my life. I one hundred percent recommend this book to teenagers because I feel that many of us need a transparent view of life and it sets up priorities for oneself. There are certainly a great number of teenagers who are not serious about their future due to how they either do not care or have a cloudy sight on what life is supposed to be like. It can be seen that the author’s goal was for the book was to serve as a “best friend” who brings out the positiveness in oneself to give them the desired happiness and success in life. Therefore, the reader can see this novel as a handbook to live a content and successful life. 

The reader is able to learn and apply something from this book every step of the way. I loved the way I felt so much that even if I read this book over and over, I am sure that every time I would be able to learn something new every step of the way. Every sentence plays a significant role in the text in which the reader can apply the advice given to almost every aspect of life. One can open a random page in the book and for sure, they can see something that they immediately fall in love with. The ending of the novel was very innovative because he asked his readers to write a chapter for themselves. In other words, do what Kanwar Singh did himself, write about a lesson that one can take from the situations that he or she went through in their own life. Additionally, he labeled this chapter, “The Most Important Chapter In This Book” (Singh 300). By doing this, Kanwar Singh is able to make this book apply to every reader and make themselves feel important. 

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