My Plain Jane by Brodi Ashton, Cynthia Hand, and Jodi Meadows


My Plain Jane is about a girl who likes to make notes and a young lady who sees ghosts. Who is this lady who sees ghosts? Why, her name is Jane Eyre and her dearest friend, Charlotte Bronte, wants to write a story.

And who better to write a story about than her simply plain Jane? At first sure that the secret Jane is keeping is that she murdered the awful man in charge of the orphanage, Charlotte slowly uncovers an adventure waiting to happen.

Then Jane gets hired as a governess by an old fart named Mr. Rochester and things… get strange. Love is tossed about and romance finds restrictions in the day and age and there is a wedding.


JANE DOESN’T GET MARRIED TO MR. ROCHESTER LIKE SHE DOES IN THE ORIGINAL BOOK. He is super creepy and old and actually possessed by his awful dead brother, who hides his brother’s wife away for the SEVEN (or more) YEARS he is inside his older brother. The only reason he marries Jane is because she has a special ability to look pretty to ghosts, even though she is, as the title says, plain. He has Jane possessed by a less-than-reputable other ghost and tries to marry her then.

The dead guy is just the worst. I hate him. And his poor daughter, who he pretends doesn’t exist, sits in that old house and no one loves her, even Jane. I was pretty mad that the little girl was ignored through-out the entire book and is primarily used as an excuse for Jane to follow-through with her problematic attraction to old Mr. Rochester.

(He’s like 45 years old. And she’s 16 or 17. Super gross.)

And let’s not mention the ending. Except, let’s. Because Mr. Rochester has a son.

I am a little freaked out by that. Imagine the holiday reunions. Um… no.

The other plot, which is about the Society of Dead People or something or other, is okay. It has a lot of action and focuses on both Charlotte and The Guy Who Wears Masks All the Time. They catch ghosts. They try to get Jane to join the Society. They lie about stuff. And they find a plot to possess the king, blah blah blah. Good stuff, but a little twisty. Then tension between Charlotte and TGWWMATT is fun and very redeeming because, in real life, Charlotte Bronte never had much in the way of love. I like that they gave her something of that in the end.

Otherwise, I could not stop laughing. The voices of the characters were a perfect mix of hoity-toity and absolutely exaggerated and there were so MANY inside jokes about the Bronte sisters. I highly recommend watching the movies TO WALK INVISIBLE and THE PRINCESS BRIDE before reading the book. You’ll get so much more out of it and you’ll see where the authors get their ideas. 


And this is how I feel at the ending.

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