Spoiler Alert: A Starter’s Guide

It’s STARTING! I’ve made a few guidelines of how we will be structuring our first posts.

Prepare Us

Make sure to title every post with the title and author if you are doing a book or the titles and where you watched it for shows. Always start your review with the phrase SPOILER ALERT (but we don’t have to do it in the title).

I know it might be obvious, but we want to make sure nobody is clicking on anything they don’t want to click on.

Give Us the Tea

What was the book or show about? In the first paragraph, make sure to outline the general summary of what people need to know before you get to the spoilers. You can quote the inside flap of the book if you need to, but make sure that you cite where you got the quote!

Don’t Hold Anything Back

Once you’ve got those few things down, LET IT ALL OUT. We want to know what made you the most excited to read it, what you felt the angriest about, and more. This is where you can put ALL OF THE THINGS. Need to express yourself in gifs or memes? DO IT.

Have Fun!

That should be obvious, shouldn’t it? And if you have any more questions, make sure to see our sample Spoiler post. (with REAL spoilers)

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