The Week Before the Wedding by Beth Kendrick


This book is an absolute sensation. The story follows Emily, the book’s main character. Emily is stressed in preparations for her wedding, which is in a week. Out of the bloom, Ryan, her first husband from a disastrous starter marriage shows up out of nowhere. This leads Emily to embark on a long journey of self discovery and learning the true meaning of love.

She finds out that everyone has flaws and mistakes: however, that doesn’t discredit them from being good people. As a matter of fact, those flaws are what shape the ultimate person or partner.

To be completely honest, when I read the synopsis of the book, I wasn’t captivated. It appeared to be just like any other romantic book I have read (I am OBSESSED with romantic books). It was the cover that attracted me towards the book so I decided to read it.

The beginning of the book is quite boring and slow since the real action begins towards the middle. The author has such a humorous style of writing. Emily is witty and quick mouthed, which adds to her appeal.

The only problem I have with the book is the ending. Emily ends up picking Ryan over her dreamy fiancé, Grant. By the end of the book, I was in love with Grant even though I felt as though the author wanted the readers to fall in love with Ryan instead. Grant was perfect, Ryan wasn’t. That’s probably why Emily went for Ryan(because of his imperfections). Either way, if I were in her situation, Grant would have definitely been the pick for me.

This book is a MUST READ. I loved it and I’m certain that other fans of the romance genre will enjoy it too.

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