Enjoy Your Life by Muhammad Al-Arifi

This book titled “Enjoy Your Life” grabs the attention of many readers for anyone would like to enjoy their life. It is a product of 20 years of study in which the author states “…I wrote [this book] with my ink blended with blood; I poured my soul and squeezed out my memories as I wrote these lines.” It was inspired by Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People” which is famously known by millions. The book cites several examples that stress the point of having the right approach to situations that will assure satisfaction in the end. It centralizes around the art of interaction derived from Islamic principles and the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)’s life. It goes on about perfecting interpersonal skills which essentially make one content or not. It is logical that if one that has beautiful character, good manners, is gentle and easy-going with people would be most beloved to them and looked up to. Rather a person who is rude and bad-mannered would be disliked by people. Interaction with people is art to be practiced. If what this book teaches was applied by its readers then life on the face of the earth would be far beyond excellent. This book is filled with gems of knowledge and I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone. To friends, family, strangers, children, parents, teachers, scholars, to any human being, this book is should be in every household. I give it 10+ rating and absolutely loved it. Some quotes include: “Success is not to discover what others like, it is to acquire and practice the skills that help one gain their love.“ “Bravery is not to persist in your errors, but to acknowledge that you are wrong, and not to repeat the error again.“ “When people realize that we pay attention to their good actions just as we pay attention to their bad actions, they appreciate our advice.” The prophet Muhammad (PBUH)’s perfect character, excellent manners, communication, and interaction with others are highlighted throughout the text to be taken a lesson from and as a role model. Enjoy Your Life is one of my favorite books. No one will regret reading it. I dare anyone to open it to any page and not help but fall in love with what it beholds.

2 thoughts on “Enjoy Your Life by Muhammad Al-Arifi

  1. “Enjoy Your Life” by Muhammad al-Arifi is my all time favorite book! I can read it anytime anywhere. I love it oh so much! I recommend anyone to read it ❤

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