Of Mice and Men

A novella that has stood the test of time for close to a century (82 years to be exact), Of Mice and Men is a story about two friends, George and Lenny. George and Lenny have been traveling across the country, from one job to another, always having to leave because of Lenny. You see, Lenny doesn’t have the same amount of mental prowess compared to George. So, George ends having to protect Lenny, that is until their latest job. A major theme that really strikes a chord with me is dependency. Throughout the entire story it is shown clearly Lenny doesn’t understand right from wrong, he depends on George to know that distinction and bad things happen when George isn’t there. Now when Lenny accidentally kills the wife of his boss, he hopes George can clean up everything up and help him out. George however realizes that this is just an endless cycle, one that can only be broken with Lenny dying. So in way he does clean up the situation, although not with helping Lenny. The scene of the book with Lenny and George at the lake is gut-wrenching scene that brings many readers to tears. So overall, Of Mice and Men is a story that deserves a read, I give it a 9/10.

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