The Beholder by: Anna Bright (An Emotional Roller coaster)

This book is all about making everything seem like what it’s not. We meet Selah, a young girl who is faced with rejection by the one person she loves. Since she needs to be married though, her stepmother sets her up with numerous suitors in the land. If she doesn’t marry one of them, she is told not to come home. On the first voyage for a suitor, I really thought that is was going to be that suitor of choice, which was the king of the land. But… I was more interested in the drama of the book, which was the love connection between Selah and the guard. The guard turned out to be the actual prince and I wasn’t too happy that she LET HIM GO! Sure it was one big lie, but they loved each other. Sure, the other suitor in the next land was really nice too, but there was something about the guard that really touched me. Sadly, the book ends on a cliffhanger and I wish I could’ve read more because I’m still not happy about the ending.

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