The Selection series by Kiera Cass

This book series was so amazing! I loved it so much and even though the main character makes some questionable decisions, it still turned out to be a great book. This book takes place in a world where people are separated into castes, numbers one to eight. Ones are royalty and it goes down to eights, who are pretty much like servants. The main character, America Singer, is a five. Her family are artists and musicians. They live in a moderate household and earn just enough money to feed the family. Her life was pretty simple… until the letter came. She was selected to enter a competition called the Selection. Basically, the Selection is a competition to find a wife for the royal heir, which in this case is the handsome, young Prince Maxon. America and thirty-five other girls must compete for the prince’s heart. But there is one big problem. Her heart already belongs to another.

SPOILER ALERT This is where I tell you all the big details. If you were planning on reading the series or you don’t want to get spoiled, STOP READING THIS.

America is heartbroken over the fact that she has to leave her dear Aspen, but not as heartbroken as she was when he broke up with her, and she sees him with another girl right before she leaves for the castle. -_- What a jerk. Anyways, a devastated America arrives at the castle, already making friends and enemies. It was inevitable with her reckless attitude and popularity with the people.

When all the girls arrived at the castle, they were meant to go to their rooms and relax until they meet the prince the next morning. But America, being a restless spirit, starts to feel claustrophobic and leaves her room where she has a fateful encounter with the one and only Prince Maxon. Maxon starts to take a liking to her, feeling that she is different from everyone else, especially since she straight out told him that she didn’t like him at all and would rather just eat the food. They make a deal, that Maxon will allow her to stay in the competition long enough to make her parents proud and America will be his friend and help him pick a girl. Now that was the plan, but plans never work out exactly how you want them to. Both Maxon and America start catching feelings for each other, even sharing a kiss. But neither is absolutely sure that the latter loves them.

As the competition goes on, it gets more and more intense. People are being sent home left and right. And to add to the tension, the rebel attacks on the castle start to become more and more dangerous. And right when America is sure it can’t get worse, her ex-boyfriend Aspen (yeah him) appears as a palace guard with a strong intent to win America back. If this isn’t a plot twist, I don’t know what is. Now the three young adults are caught in a love triangle that Maxon isn’t even aware about.

Soon, only eight girls, known as the Elite, are left. America starts to question if Maxon really loves her. She especially starts doubting him when she sees him getting closer to some of the other competitors. She wonders if she can really win. Things start to get even more difficult for her when she gets on the King’s bad side. The King starts to do whatever it takes to get Maxon to kick her out, but Maxon refuses. America stays in the game all the way to the end until only two are left. Her and Kriss. America was going to win… until Maxon found out about Aspen. His anger burst and he was going to kick America out and pick Kriss out of rage, but then they were attacked. In all the chaos, Maxon was shot and we find out that Maxon was still in love with America and forgave her. Once the attack passed, we find out that the King and Queen both died. Maxon takes over as King and chooses America as his bride.

There were a bunch of twists and turns in this series. America makes so many stupid decisions that makes us all cringe when she does them. But in the end, they end up happily together. This series was full of action, romance, and many sarcastic quotes from America. I do feel like Maxon forgave America too easily, but it still worked out in a way. I loved this series so much.

This is the end of the review. It was pretty long but it basically summed up the whole trilogy of America’s POV. I really hope you enjoyed it!

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