The Prince by Kiera Cass

There is a lot to talk about with this book. This novella comes after the first three books in the Selection series. You need to read those books before reading this. What makes this book so amazing is that it is set in the POV of the one and only Prince Maxon. The first few days before and during the Selection,his thoughts and feelings about his family and meeting America. We learn exactly how Maxon feels about his life.


In the beginning, we learn that Maxon was very nervous about the Selection. He was extremely uncomfortable with random people living in his home and having them compete over him. He never dated in his life and now he will be dating multiple people at once to choose a wife. Could you imagine? And the unwavering pressure from his father wasn’t helping. His strict father raised him to be a ruler, never really showing Maxon any affection. Completely opposite from his loving mother, Queen Amberly.

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To make the life of the prince even more perplexing, his close friend, Daphne, unexpectedly confessed her love to him. Not knowing what to do, he apologizes and says that he doesn’t feel the same. He loses one of his only friends and is about to start the Selection. He doesn’t know what love even is or if he’ll find it during the Selection. He becomes plagued by doubts and questions. But it all changes when he meets America Singer. He takes an interest in her from the moment he met her. Whether it was her striking red hair, her pretty features or her attitude, she was different. He starts to become attracted to her, thinking about her subconsciously.

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And that’s where it ends! This book helped the readers learn more about Maxon and his life. It was so interesting, seeing everything from his POV, his thoughts and feelings. This is a must-read if you liked the Selection. We get a peek into the life of the prince. This book made a nice addition to the series. A little side story to take a break from the life of America and the competition.

This is the end of the review, I hope you enjoyed it!

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