Reveal Me by Tahereh Mafi

This novella is also in Kenji’s POV. It is after Defy Me. In this book, Kenji starts to have conflicting feelings about a lot of things. About Juliette. About Nazeera. He seems strange. Not like himself. And many people start to notice that. The first of which was Nazeera.

SPOILER ALERT Kenji doesn’t want to eat his cake. That’s reason enough to think something is wrong with him. His thoughts are unlike him. He gets in a fight with Nazeera, insults her and also confesses that he’s in love with her. Throughout most of the book, Kenji is either angry, delirious, stressed, exhausted, or not in his right mind. He even faints in the middle of a meeting, but we’ll get to the reason behind all this later.

So the thing that blows away any sense of sanity he has left is when he finds out that Adam and James are being held hostage by Anderson. He breaks up Warner and Juliette in the middle of their intimate moment (you know Warner was NOT happy about that) to tell them. Kenji probably has a death wish.

Now remember when I said that Kenji fainted in the middle of the meeting? Yeah, well the reason for that and why he felt not in his right mind was because Nazeera drugged him while they were rescuing Juliette and Warner.

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Now believe it or not, Nazeera had good intentions while doing this. She was trying to keep them all safe while they were on Anderson’s plane, so she drugged him because she didn’t believe he would be able to stay quiet that whole time.

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After a while, Kenji finally regains consciousness and right when he gets up, he realizes that there is someone in the room. He thinks it’s an intruder and they start fighting. But then he realizes that it is just Nazeera. Oh my lord, woman.

After a long conversation, Kenji finds out why the heck she was in his room. To all of her embarrassment, she admits that she was checking on him because she felt bad about what she did. But then when he suddenly woke up, she didn’t know what to do. Kenji is skeptical and says that she’s lying. But then finally, Nazeera reluctantly admits to Kenji that he was her first kiss. And that she really likes him.

Then they have a nice moment but are interrupted by someone screaming, who turns out to be Juliette. No doubt Kenji finally understands how Warner feels.

So with that great cliffhanger, that’s the end of the novella. I can’t imagine how Kenji must have felt. It was like the weight of the world was on him, with Nazeera and the drugs and Warner wanting to kill him for always interrupting him and Juliette. It just shows how amazing he is to have all this pain inside him and still carry a smile on his face and make jokes to lighten everyone else’s spirits. Anyways, that’s the end of the review and I hope you liked it.

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