Shadow Me by Tahereh Mafi

This novella is part of the Shatter Me series and comes after Restore Me. This book is set in the perspective of the one and only Kenji Kishimoto, which means that you can look forward to a bunch of hilarious comments and comedic relief weaved in all of the tension that takes place in this book. There is also a bunch of profanity. He wouldn’t be Kenji without his colorful vocabulary after all.

In this book, we learn about Kenji’s relationship with a lot of people. Castle, Warner, his friends, Juliette, and Nazeera. We also find out, on a side note, that Castle actually made a deal with Kenji to try and reduce the amount of curse words he says. We can all see how well that’s going for him.

SPOILER ALERT A majority of this book is Kenji worrying about other people and their feelings and him gushing over Nazeera. Warner is in agony since Juliette isn’t talking to him and they broke up. Juliette is also in agony because Warner and everyone else lied to her about pretty much her whole life. And they both are trying to act like their completely fine and distance themselves from everyone else. Juliette especially. With her new hairstyle, she takes on a completely new, cold, and emotionless look, all business now. And you can only imagine how Kenji feels about that, let alone Warner. Kenji misses his kind and emotional best friend. To be honest, I think we all do. I guess this new Juliette just isn’t really doing it for us.

Here’s something interesting that happens. For the first time since the since the series started, we hear about someone we never thought existed. A woman named Nouria, who is apparently Castle’s daughter.

Image - 60820] | Ha Ha Ha, Oh Wow | Know Your Meme

Well, this book doesn’t really give any new information. It’s just a bit of the ending of the previous book but in Kenji’s POV. With a lot more of Kenji’s hilarious comments and thoughts. But something that wasn’t in the previous book was Kenji and Nazeera’s interactions. These two had a pretty rough start, and as they get to know each other more, their relationship doesn’t really get better. Nazeera seems to hate Kenji, mostly because of his attitude and jokes, but them having the same power also contributed to her hatred and annoyance. On the other hand, oblivious Kenji is hopelessly in love. He stares at her all the time and whenever she talks to him, his responses make him sound like he’s drunk, as Nazeera says. After a little while, their relationship gets a little better. She starts to tolerate him more, in a way. At some points, we can even hope that she might feel the same way about Kenji as he does.

So anyways that’s the end of the book. It was pretty short and nothing really new or interesting. It was mostly Kenji’s view of life and his hilarious thoughts which made this book truly enjoyable. You can honestly think of Kenji as the Mercutio of the Shatter Me series. They both serve as amazing characters who provide the much needed comedic relief in their respective tension-filled stories. Anyways, this is the end of the review and I hope you liked it!

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