“Red, White, and Royal Blue” – Casey McQuinston

A prince and the son of the first lady president. What could go wrong? Pretty much everything. After being forced to be friends in the public eye after a royal wedding disaster, Alex, the son of the president, and Henry, the beloved prince of Britain, grow closer, their shared interests and witty banter making for great memories between the two. And after Henry kissed Alex during a big party in secret, the two pursue a relationship behind closed doors and conflicting schedules, but eventually are caught kissing in a car and the world seemingly goes into chaos, with the public being very supportive but the political families being unsure of how to deal with this, and even a little confused. However, this book is addictive. I’m almost warning you, this book was such an emotional rollercoaster. Enemies to lovers is a concept that McQuinston nails perfectly, and it’s so impressively written. The vocabulary really captures the passion between the two characters, and I really am impressed, considering this is not just focused on a young gay relationship, but a point in the future where a woman can be the president of the United States and the world can be supportive of a political gay relationship. It’s very progressive, and it’s refreshing as a book to say the least. The book never is boring, and none of the parts are filler. Everything that McQuinston writes is deliberate and has a purpose, and it’s nice to see McQuinston write such a beautiful piece that encompasses the confusing yet exciting nature of falling in love, especially with another boy. It’s quite adorable, and the humor is perfectly timed. I would highly recommend this book to teenagers, but I’m sure adults could really get a kick out of this book too. 

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