I’m Not Missing – Carrie Fountain

This book wasn’t that satisfying. The main girl, Miranda Black, has a best friend named Sydney, and Sydney is intimidating and intelligent, but she’s very impulsive. The night after they had a big fight over confronting Miranda’s ex, Nick, at a restaurant, Sydney disappears with no explanation. She left her phone, left behind notes, but no explanation to why she disappeared. Miranda was forced to chase clues, and no one helped her besides her dad (bless that man for being so patient with this whole situation). Miranda then had to find out the hard way through other people what Sydney had done before she went missing. Sydney slept with Nick’s dad, and Sydney even told Nick to ghost Miranda before prom. If anything, I don’t know why Miranda even cared to look for her even after all the horrible things Sydney put her through, always making a scene about getting back at Nick for something SYDNEY CAUSED HERSELF. Miranda had to interrogate so many people, and had to learn about Sydney’s personal life just to catch a break (it was a lot for Miranda, I began to felt bad after a certain point). Sydney eventually gets found by Miranda at a gas station/trailer park thingy (I don’t remember, the plot was so confusing at that point), and Sydney doesn’t even go back. Sydney had horrible parents, but she had a scholarship from Stanford and could’ve easily made the best out of her situation. Sydney is selfish, and the fact Miranda had to go through this mental charades just because Sydney wanted to “find her place” is ridiculous. The ending was predictable, and while the book is good if you have nothing else to read, it certainly won’t be something I recommend.

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