The DUFF – Kody Keplinger

This book is literally a train wreck. I’m not here to sugarcoat, its horrible. The main girl, Bianca, is so unlikable. Once she falls in love with the school’s number one player, Wesley Rush, she ditches her friends all the time, especially when they need her, just to hook up with Wesley Rush, who is known for only using girls for their bodies. She becomes so infatuated with a guy giving her this much of a difficult time that she ruins everything else in her life, and to a degree that it is hard to come back from. She missed out on a possible relationship with a really smart and nice boy (Toby, my man, you didn’t deserve to get left behind at the Nest because Bianca likes toxic guys) (also to clarify, the Nest is a teen club that all the kids in this book hang out at), and she didn’t even treat her friends well because the whole time, even before Wesley, she was like, “I’m jealous because they’re cool and have everything put together”, when in full reality, which high school girl is even that put together that you would see her as competition? I digress. It’s ridiculous that they even took her back at the end, AND THAT SHE EVEN DATED WESLEY RUSH AFTER ONE SAPPY CLICHE LETTER (to clarify they met again at the Nest, she tripped, he caught her, they “talked” it out, you get the idea). I know this was an attempt to be relatable to teens, but it was so far off, and it kind of encouraged toxic behaviors to be okay as long as they put enough effort in a letter, which shouldn’t have been the standard. Bianca is insecure and only seems to thrive off of the male validation she is given by sleeping with Wesley. It’s a horrible book, don’t waste your time.

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