I Wish You All The Best – Mason Deaver

I have no experience being non-binary, but I could understand how it feels to be judged for being non-binary, and the author did a wonderful job (Kudos to them). The way that the narrator thought about things, their close-minded nature when it came to people they didn’t trust, the pressure that they had to go through to hide their secret was obviously difficult. Even though their parents were not supportive at all and kicked them out, they were able to make new friends at a new school and were able to live happily with their older sister and her husband. And I can say, with no shame, when the narrator came out to their best friend in the book, Nathan Allen, after being in a weird flirty relationship with him for months on end, I cried. It was so emotional to see Nathan accept his best friend with open arms, and Nathan felt horrible for misgendering them for so long. Nathan is the friend that every non-binary person should have in their life, to be fully honest. Their new friends were very accepting as well, and it was so nice to see it workout for them at the end of it all. Even when their parents tried to get them to come back so their parents could be happy (they couldn’t care less about their feelings), they were able to stand their ground and talk back to their family. Seeing someone that young and be that sure of themselves is refreshing in literature, and I would recommend this book to anyone, regardless if they identify as non-binary or not. While I can’t say from personal experience if this is accurate, the way it hits the heart makes it all the better to read. 

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