Shatter Me

This book starts the Shatter Me series. In this dystopian world, the main character, a girl named Juliette Ferrars is confined in an insane asylum, kept in total isolation. The reason for this is because she is considered a lethal weapon to mankind. Her touch can literally suck the life out of you. Her parents abandoned her, sent her to the asylum themselves. She hadn’t seen the outside world or touched any person in 264 days. She can’t touch a person without killing them or at least hurting them. She had gotten accustomed to her lonely life when something unexpected happened. She got a roommate.


Though Juliette subconsciously tries to deny it, she could never forget his blue eyes anywhere. Her new roommate is actually Adam Kent, the boy who was in her class for 7 years. She knew him, but he didn’t know her. Or so she thought. Adam desperately tries to get her to tell him her name, to talk to him. She finally succumbs and tells him her name. She helps him get around the asylum, teaches him the tricks she learned from being here for such a long time. She fears touching someone else, accidentally hurting someone else so they get closer, but only as close as Juliette allows them to be.

Now here’s the twist. It turns out that Adam is actually a soldier and he was sent to be her roommate as a mission. To learn more about her and find out if she is actually insane. To see if she is capable enough to be apart of his boss, Warner’s, project, which is using her as a weapon in the war.

Now let me just say that Warner is a total nutshell. He’s literally crazy. He repeatedly asks Juliette to touch him, even though he could get killed. He tortures Juliette by making her touch others, then shows her his kind and loving side a little while later. He is pretty much obsessed with her and kinda loves her and she hates him with a burning passion. So that’s Warner. Moving on.

Juliette eventually finds out about Adam and feels betrayed, but only for a little while until Adam starts sending her signals trying to help her. She’s confused by which side he was on. But he brings her clarity when he tells her about how he remembered her from school and how he thought she was so interesting. He reveals that he wanted to talk to her really badly but was a coward. In a huge jaw-dropping moment, he also reveals that he can touch Juliette without getting hurt. How awfully convenient. They both abruptly confess their feeling to each other and share a kiss and he promises her that he’s going to get her out of there. How sweet.

Juliette’s life was getting better thanks to Adam. Warner saw that she seemed happier, and she was, but he naively thought that the reason was that she was warming up to him and his ideals. But the real reason was Adam. It was Adam all along. Her and Adam started getting closer and closer, given they sleep in the same room (great idea Warner). They planned their escape and were going to execute it soon when an alarm went off. They were under attack. Juliette and Adam frantically decide to move up their escape to now and they run off. It was going relatively well, until Warner catches them.

He reveals that the alarm was just a drill and Adam mentally curses at himself. Adam and Juliette manage to escape him but in the process, Warner realizes that Juliette can touch Adam. In a fleeting moment, Warner’s hand slides against Juliette’s ankle. All the horror dawns on Juliette as she realizes that Warner can touch her as well. Well isn’t fate just amazing. The person she loves the most and the person she hates the most are the only people who can touch her. All she can do is just hope with all her might that Warner didn’t realize.

Adam and Juliette flee to Adam’s house, one that Warner doesn’t know about. Adam’s little brother James lives there. They stay there until one of Adam’s soldier friends Kenji comes. He is badly wounded and asks Adam for help but Adam is suspicious. He still helps him because Kenji promises that he will take them somewhere safe, since the house was not safe anymore. He takes them to a facility and he tells them that he works there. He was undercover as a soldier to spy on them and get information. We also find out that there are more people with special powers. Juliette is ecstatic to find out that she is not the only one with abnormal powers. She starts to gain hope that she could actually live a normal life.

And that’s the end of the review! Hope you liked it!

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