Destroy Me by Tahereh Mafi

Okay, so this novella clarified a bunch of stuff for us. Since it is told in Warner’s perspective, we get an inside look on his thoughts and feelings, which is amazing because we barely know anything about the life the mysterious blonde beauty. The events in this book take place after Juliette shoots him and escapes to Omega Point with Adam. As you probably expected, he’s not pleased with what happened. He was humiliated, injured, and his prisoner and two traitors all escaped his grasp. To add to all of that, he realized that Juliette doesn’t love him but instead loves Adam. That’s got to be rough, right? Even for a guy like Warner. He wants to kill Adam really badly, and his emotions about Adam are really clear as he repeatedly says that he wants to hurt him. But the one who is the most disappointed and angry isn’t him. No, it’s his dear old dad.

SPOILER ALERT So if you didn’t know this, the father of Warner is the Supreme Commander of the North America Division. He’s this all powerful guy who’s indifferent to his family and is a cold and ruthless leader. Well, Warner had to have picked it up from somewhere, right? He taught his son to be cold and independent, to only rely on your own strength, and to never show mercy. Once you learn more about Anderson, and you see his terrible actions toward his son, I guarantee you will hate him with a burning passion. Warner sure does. You might even feel sympathy for Warner to have to be related to such a horrible person. Okay, enough about Anderson. Let review the book.

So the book basically starts with Warner reminiscing about his “moment” with Juliette and him internally cursing at himself for doing that. For confessing his feelings to her and basically giving himself to her, only to have her shoot him and escape with Adam, whom he realizes is her lover. That’s tough, but I mean Warner basically set this all up for them from the very beginning. I mean it was kinda clear that Adam was close to Juliette, you disabled the cameras in her room and you also MADE THEM SLEEP IN THE SAME ROOM. Like honestly.

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So moving on from Warner being a naive idiot, his day was already horrible. He was recovering from a gunshot wound, his most valued prisoner escaped and also with two of his former soldiers. He also started to hallucinate, seeing Juliette everywhere. Could his day get any worse? Yes. It could. Because right then and there, his loving father decided to surprise him with an unexpected visit.

Oh how nice of you to join us

After a long while of Anderson bashing his son about being an ignorant, pathetic and blinded-by-love fool, he stops and decides to talk about something else. Seamus Fletcher. Remember him? The guy who Warner shot in front of Juliette in the first book? Yeah, well we learn that apparently Fletcher was a pretty bad guy. He abused his wife and kids who were less than 10 years old. We also learn that Warner knew this and that is why he killed him. So maybe Warner isn’t that bad after all, huh? Yeah well, Anderson found out about his son’s mercy on Fletcher’s family, saying that a traitor’s family must also be killed but he didn’t. So Anderson killed the innocent family instead. Now do you see how horrible he is? After that long let’s-insult-Warner session, Anderson finally leaves.

Warner decides to so something productive, so he goes to Juliette’s room to look for anything she might’ve left behind. He finds her notebook and starts to read it. He becomes immersed in it, so obsessed that he memorizes each entry, each word on each page. It’s kind of creepy, to be honest. As he reads more, he learns more and more about her. It makes him feel a deep connection to her. It’s kind of like a peek into her mind, her thoughts and feelings. He became a bit emotionally attached to the small notebook, thinking that it held more value than anything else he’d ever owned.

He starts to have even more hallucinations of Juliette. They would start of with her wanting to kiss him and him wanting nothing else, but then they end with her pointing a gun at him. The poor boy already suffered so much and now this happens. I actually feel bad for him. The book ends with Warner outside with the other soldiers and he finds a dog. He feeds the dog and hears someone gasp so he turns around and sees Juliette, but it’s a bit different then the other hallucinations. Instead of the normal pattern, she’s just frightened and panicking. It makes you wonder if maybe, just maybe, that was the real Juliette.

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So that’s the end of the novella! I loved it so much. We learned a lot more about Warner and after reading it, I honestly felt a bit of sympathy for him. He wasn’t as bad as we thought. It was all just his father. Ignoring the fact that he seemed kind of creepy and obsessed with Juliet, I actually kind of liked his character. Anyways, we are at the end of this review! Hope you liked it!

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