Fracture Me by Tahereh Mafi

This novella is told in Adam’s perspective. Now, i’m going to be honest and say that I don’t really like Adam that much anymore. He starting to become really obsessed with Juliette and it’s kind of weird. But that’s just my opinion. This takes place right before the war, a little before the end of the previous book, Unravel Me. This novella tells the events that happened after Kenji gets hurt all in Adam’s POV. It ends once the war is over.

SPOLIER ALERT So basically, the book starts with everyone worried about Kenji. Adam and Juliette are in a weird place since they both still have feelings for each other but Juliette doesn’t want to hurt him so she broke up with him. And then Warner comes in making Juliette all confused about her feelings and Adam super jealous and angry.

The events that happen in the beginning aren’t really things we don’t know from the previous book. The interesting stuff happen near the end of the war. Him and Kenji go after Juliette to try and get her back. They find out that the soldiers are going to bomb omega Point and suddenly, all of Adam’s thoughts shift from Juliette to James. He completely forgets about her and only focuses on James. He freaks out, and tries to get everyone to rescue the people at Omega Point, completely forgetting that Juliette was abducted. Kenji reminds him about Juliette but it’s fruitless. The only thing that matters to him right now is James, shrugging Juliette to the side saying that she isn’t in any immediate danger.

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This statement made me cringe at Adam so hard. Because we all know how obsessed and over-protective he was of Juliette. And now, she’s literally being abducted and he is just putting her aside for the time being. I was shook. Kenji was shook. Everyone was shook at his sudden change. I mean it makes sense to want to keep your brother safe. I get that. But you could at least let some people go off and try to rescue her. But no, everyone needs to come with you to help make sure your little brother and the rest are rescued. -_-

Whatever, we’ll just let this be for now. So now everyone is rushing back to Omega Point to get everyone else to safety when we see James pop up in front of them. Yeah, turns out he was safe all along. James decided that he wanted to help them fight so he came out to join them despite Adam’s orders. Adam full of relief hugs him tightly, overcome by emotion. Okay, you’re brother is safe so now would be the perfect time to go after Juliette, right? Well I guess Juliette wasn’t one of his top priorities because he didn’t think or mention her once.

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Now this guy was making me really irritated. So with everyone safe for now (except for Juliette, mind you), they go to Adam’s house to rest.

So once everyone had a nice rest and had some food, Kenji mentions Juliette, asking what they should do. And then Adam has the nerve to think of excuses so they can stay for a little while. He reveals that he had no immediate plans to go back out there and save her. And he calls himself her boyfriend. But finally, after a ton of convincing from Kenji, it finally dawns on Adam she might get killed somehow. Finally, he starts to worry about her.

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But once again, Adam starts to doubt his allegiances, if they are with James or Juliette. Like honestly dude, is it so wrong to pick both? Like why can’t you? You don’t need to pick one! But after a little while, Kenji delivers news that Juliette is dead. Adam is frozen. He doesn’t know what to do. Kenji starts to blame himself but everyone consoles him, saying that it was nobody’s fault. Well, I can think of one person who is completely at fault. And Adam knows this. Deep down, he knows that the reason Juliette is dead is because of him.

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And that is the end of the book. Can you see why I don’t really like Adam anymore? My feelings were pretty clear here. If you don’t feel the same way, that’s fine. I understand why he would care about James more than Adam, but there were other ways to help both of them. people even suggested ways but he didn’t listen to them. Anyways, that’s just my opinion. Hope you liked the review!

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